Comparing Fractions – Simply Done

Which number is bigger?

3/4 or 7/9

Did you try to mentally divide the numbers to see the one which is bigger?

This is how I was trained at school. Few years, ago I was trying helping my daughter (7 years old) with her mathematics homework. They had some fractions to compare and I was suprised to see by how fast she could compare them. She showed me a way that I could have never imagined before.

What you need to do is a simple as

Do you get what needed to be done?

You should simply cross-mutiply the numerators and denominators. The side with the highest number is the bigger fraction.

Few questions for You:

  • In which country/city did you learn to compare fractions?
  • Were you aware of that simple method?
  • Do you have a simpler method? If, yes, please share in the comment section below

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